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Fan Art [Taking Suggestions]

Journal Entry: Wed Aug 9, 2017, 9:20 AM

[Fanart] Menat WIP by Voleno

WIP for Menat from SFV. This wasn't a suggestion from the journal, but I just like her...XD

[Commission] Shiny Chariot by Voleno

Here's an example of a costume design for Shiny Chariot from Little Witch Academia.  This was done by commission, so if you have a character you're dying to see, a piece like this would be $25 if you'd like. (Same for if you'd like soft shading.)

Fan Art Explanation  So since the time I've started on here, I don't know if you might've noticed, but I have made a point not to draw fan art from different franchises and things like that. If I've done so, it's usually been of indie projects or like that one time I dressed Neph as some other characters. 

  But...I feel like this is starting to hold me back a little. I've never really had the desire to do it myself, but among the reasons I gave was the fact that I didn't really think I could bring anything different to it. This is all something I determined without actually trying to do so. It's like I cut off my range with it before even attempting to find some creative angle to depict those characters, while I've always been able to try it for other people's original characters and especially my own.

  So what I want to do now is try fan art. Especially when I open back up commissions. There have been more than several occasions where I'v

Here's an explanation of why I changed my mind. Left it up there for those who would like to read that.

  I'm taking suggestions for characters to design costumes for, but what I'll do is list out some franchises I'd be more likely to draw from. You're still welcome to suggest anything you'd like.

  • Tales Series
  • Blazblue
  • Soul Calibur
  • Guilty Gear
  • Neptunia Series
  • TERA Online (Or other MMOs)
  • Megaman Series (Gunvolt counts...but not Mighty No 9)
  • Tekken
  • Skullgirls
  • Shantae
  • Va-11 Hall-A
  • Nier Automata
  • Other JRPGs (Final Fantasy*, Eternal Sonata, Star Ocean...)
  The majority of these games fall into either series that inspired my design style one way or another or are just things I've enjoyed over the past years. It's no coincidence that they happen to all be games, but there are some shows I like as well. It's just sorta hard to remember which ones I would like enough to want to draw the characters. I like to watch anime, but I don't really tend to become a super fan of many shows at all.

And again, suggest whatever you like and would want to see, but just be aware of the potential to overlap with something I like. It'll make it more likely to be chosen, for sure. 

*Yeah that's right, I put Final Fantasy in the "other" category...

  • Other things to consider:
    • I am working on some commissions at the moment, so these will not be taking priority over those.
    • These are suggestions, meaning I'm free to not accept them if they don't appeal to me.
    • If you've seen my current submission rate, if I do accept one, give me some time to complete it. 
    • If there's something urgent you really want, a commission would be the way to go.
    • I'm going to be trying not to be as allergic to drawing male characters as I used to...but my preference will always be towards drawing female characters. Just kinda how it is.
    • If you want to just ignore all this and suggest an original character, go ahead. Long as you understand the concept of disappointment and the heavy sigh I will be giving your comment as I view it.
    • Thanks for still actually sticking around if you read this and like my art. A lot of people have still been watching as I continue to produce little to nothing, and I hope that build in anticipation is worth it. Thanks again for watching and we'll see if I can get this engine going again.

Journal History


I did actually do a practice page yesterday but fell asleep before getting much of anywhere with it.

Anyhow, just another update. I've actually had a job for a bit, since around the beginning of the month. The vortex of games is mostly over for now.

As you can see, the daily practice is basically me trying to reclaim some involvement in art on a regular basis. 

I've also been doing some other simple work just by listing out all of the actions I want Nephryst to be able to do animation-wise in the game. It's nothing too difficult, but it's at least something to do in between at work so that I can keep a list updated of what it'll take to make all of these sprites for her, (or how much it'll cost to pay someone for that.)

Speaking of her, there have been two other recent works of her and since I know how I am with money sometimes, there'll probably be more...
Nephryst Com Clothes by Shawn-oblivious Belated Patreon: Voleno by okamaka
So as of yesterday, I'll be doing a daily practice template that I spent some time making. 11 masked off squares for thumbnails, sketches, studies or generally whatever I feel like. 
! Daily Practice 0001 by Voleno
I actually have it set to where when I go to a new file, it's the default, so it helps not to look at a blank canvas when there's a lot more going on with it. 
Thumbnail Template (Preview) by Voleno
Plus, it allows me to pick a general size for what kind of work I'm starting and then choose how to set it up from there. It's been pretty fun so far to have, so if you'd like it too, here it is in .CLIP format and .PSD:
[Fanart] Menat WIP by Voleno
Started this yesterday, actually...
Blitz-art: Nephryst by KrokobyakaBlitz-art: Rona Falsetto by KrokobyakaRanna  Estierre by MariipiePatreon: Sword Summoning by kaiyuan
Commision for Voleno by kjus Commision for Voleno by kjus Commision for Voleno by kjus
Sharing some more commissions of my characters. I dunno who looks at these, but they're awesome artists and deserve the support.

And this is just awesome work, so I just want others to see it. XD
How late I am with that active watcher poll probably says something. Totally slipped my mind. But if anybody's still around, thanks a bunch. Going to be posting a journal about a change I want to make with my artwork as I get back into it.

Stream's over. Getting bodied by Geiger and Rook by page 1 of the fighting game survival guide. Throw fireballs and uppercut.

Definitely liking how it's turning out so far though. There's a lot of jankiness that'll be polished I'm sure, but one thing I do wish they'd do is to reconsider some of the colors of the basic designs. In some cases, just too many colors...

Anyhow, here's the crowdfunding link:…
Just a random reminder, possibly to myself that I can do music too.…

I still look back on it and miss it a bit.…

But I have no idea if I'd be able to do what I did years ago by this point. Wouldn't know unless I tried though.
Trying to get more into writing in order to present these characters in a better way. Been using some sites to try and help out that process. I definitely recommend them.

And of course, not like they're absolutely necessary, but it seems like a neat way to provide a framework for what I'm doing. And while they seem tailored more towards direct novels, I suppose a game can be more akin to a screenplay.

The storyline creator is more like an outlining tool, though. Relies more on you knowing what you're doing already, but has a neat way to visualize what it is you've done.

The story planner has a lot of templates that ask questions and has you filling in fields about what you're doing. It's very helpful to me, since I can count the amount of people I've talked to about my story on one hand and a little of another hand. I don't get many questions about it, so it's great to have it posed to me in a way where I can just answer.

Oh...and about the art thing, I've recently gotten Aseprite from my friend as a gift. I know I could've been making sprites with just about anything, but I want to use a combination of it and Clip Studio Paint to see what I can come up with for a style for my game. Expect to see some pixel art sometime in the near future.
I still definitely enjoy some Blazblue. Even the losses are fun if I feel like I played well. 

Oh and...I'm still an artist. I haven't forgotten. I'm actually just starting to practice some things like clothing wrinkles so that I can make that distinction clearer. I've been winging that for far too long. Mostly just in favor of trying to make sure that when I do open for commissions, people are getting a better result from me.
Going to be drastically simplifying and relaunching the commission page soon. I'll do an info graphic like I did for the sketch coms, but not so many options.

I mean honestly, I can't figure out who would wanna sit there and decide whether or not to get a knee up or a waist up or a shin up or whatever I had on there? It was just too much. 

Options A, B, C and D. Sketch (with tones), Lineart (with free flat color), Cell Shaded or Fully Rendered.

Sizes? Fullbody and halfbody. Just gonna make the halfbody half the price of the fullbody. It'll be the cheaper option and people will get more for their money. Drawing just a head or a bust isn't even good practice for me and not very many people were really getting those anyway.

Also, I know I've had some sort of perpetual sale going for a while, but I think I'm just going to have another one. Fully-rendered and fullbody will be like $20 for a while. I think I had it higher, but it's not like anybody could see it through the confusing journal anyhow. 
I have a Discord by the way. I don't know if I'll make a server or anything, but send me a note if you wanna chat on there.

I've been trying to get better about actually talking to people, since believe it or not, with this number of watchers or views, it doesn't really mean that very many people talk to me. 

For one, I don't tend to really talk about myself much on here, or really even much of what I like or do all day. 

And for two, I sort of enjoy talking to people individually more, so I haven't been all that good about engaging everyone at once. Hence, how I've been drawing a ton these past weeks and totally forgot I could've been streaming it...
Think I wanna try smaller eyes for a bit. Especially after how this sketch turned out. 
Fralle-Chan Elf (Small) by Voleno

And of course, after seeing how much better it looked when drawing a character whose eyes are totally hidden...
[Commission] Layvella I by Voleno
Updated the work status thing on the front page so that it's up at the top of the page. And actually updated the status.

Also adding this option of allowing people to view the Trello board where I keep up with what I'm doing.

If you're unfamiliar with it, it's pretty much just a site that lets you organize tasks, so it's just a more detailed way to see what I'm doing and generally when I'm planning on doing it.

It's also what it redirects to when I try to get on YouTube and other sites during the day...
Figured out how to handle a time-management crisis. Website blocker extension. If I can't be trusted not to wander the halls of the internet all day and not do my work, best to lock the doors and set a curfew. 

And of course, there are easy enough ways around it, but what I have it do is redirect any distracting places to a Trello board with all of my current projects on it. So it's like a constant reminder not to get lost and a way to build new habits that don't involve burning my eyes and brain out with useless information or filling it with valuable seconds of laughter. I have better things to do and I can do that without having to be laser-focused on a YouTube spree.

So if you're still looking for some updates on what I'm doing for you, I should be much more available now and much more ready to practice, improve, draw my characters and draw for commissions and trades.
It feels weird not holding a contest this summer, but it's seeming like it was a good call to wait until next year. The first summer after graduating is usually pretty uncertain job-wise, so I couldn't really feel good about committing a lot of prize money to the effort.

I wanna see if I can get some other kind of exciting event going, though. Let me know if you can think of any lower cost suggestions.
Composition Practice III by Voleno
And with this, I'm officially done with college. Barring any sort of entry to a future college, which I currently don't have the plans for. 

Learned a lot, grew a lot in skill, still not even remotely halfway there, but wherever "there" is, I'll be sure to keep on in my attempts to find it. For at least a while, till I'm able to find a job, I should be able to do a lot more...or get a lot more lost in games. But hopefully, a bit of both. I'd say so far, this was worth it.
Streaming: Online by Voleno
Streaming on Picarto. Working on final project for digital painting class.
Final Painting WIP 01 by Voleno

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